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Same Day Flower Delivery

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Floral Coffin Garland

Product Description

Best suited to wicker coffins this beautifully simple foliage based garland is a garden style foliage base and cream toned Roses. The garland softly drapes around the sides of the coffin to create a soft country garden feel.

£150 Fits a 5ft coffin. Suitable for a Male or Female.

Once we have received your order you can rest assured we will deliver to your chosen Funeral Director within Street, Glastonbury and Wells. On most occasions this will be the day before, this ensures there is plenty of time for them to plan final arrangements for your loved ones service.

Lots of love, care and attention goes into all of our arrangements at Luce Loves Flowers and we will be thinking of you at this sad time and very much hope your loved one has a peaceful farewell.

Much Love XX

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Floral Coffin Garland

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